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Propertyexam is a certified education provider for realtor training in Oregon. I’ve offered several classes for quite some time. However in the past, I had to go through a title company or some other entity. Propertyexam is an approved education provider. That means the buck stops here. It’s very simple to set up training, one call or one email to one person. I control and provide all the documentation for CEU’s for license renewal. IF documents are lost or anything happens, again, one email to re-issue new documents. If a class goes over scheduled time because participants are interested and ask questions, the CEU’s for the class will be increased, on the spot to reflect the valuable time spent. email for a list of class offerings and scheduling.

I offer several different CEU accredited training programs for Realtors and others. They are based upon current industry needs and interest. In a “previous engineering incarnation” I was an industrial trainer. I developed, managed and delivered several different training programs for the bureau of Sanitation, and Cal-Trans. I have also been a Flight Instructor for years and teach Energy Efficiency and Building Science courses. You can download my Resume from the downloads section of this website. My point here is that I make my training programs interesting, effective, and even fun. Most people will be glad they came and walk away with something they can use, not just credit.

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Realtor training classes, Summary
Intro to the HUD/FHA 203K training

These training programs are registered with several Title companies. It is usually no more than a 24 hour window to certify the training with another.


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