Commercial Service fees are far to varied to give any realistic scale that can be applied. Each property is unique with unique equipment and characteristics. Commercial property must be evaluated based upon the clients needs and existing conditions and circumstances. Fees for ASTM Commercial Property Assessment can range from an $850 minimum to a range of $0.12 – $0.25/square foot. The range is set based upon the relative complexity of the property/service and the individual needs of the client. I am excited to provide commercial services for any type of commercial property or industrial facility. We will work together to assemble the best possible Scope of Work for your Property Condition Assessment and needs.

This is a simple process that will take little of your time. Give me a call and I will be happy to provide you with a formal bid very quickly.

I am NOT the “low price leader”. I would not discourage anyone from “shopping around”. However, please do not compare apples to oranges. My fees are competitive but I will not likely be the “low bidder” on any project. If all you want is the “lowest bid”, call the government “they’re here to help”. I bring to the table a solid educational background and a wealth of practical engineering, construction, supervisory and assessment experience. I use only the best, professional specialists and support services available. I answer to a higher standard than any government or organization, that of my own conscience. I also offer a great deal more detail, depth and range of services than anyone I am aware of regardless how much or little they charge.

Property Exam Residential Pricing Schedule

$500 Complete inspection base fee to 2500 sq.ft.
over 2500 sq.ft. $50/500 sq. ft.

Under 1200 SF $100 discount

$50 discount for execution of online inspection agreement within 24 hours of scheduling

This is an all-inclusive inspection service, including all components of property inside and out as well as base Thermal Imaging Scan & analysis.

Condos, $100 discount
Townhouses $50 discount

Older homes take more time, always. They have typically been renovated several times and it will be important to evaluate how all these “layers” come together.

$50 for 45+ year older homes
$100 for 80+ year older homes
$150 Re-inspection fee
$100 weekend / after hours surcharge (I have to pay my family extra to have me away all the time…)
$100 outbuildings
$150 for additional dwelling units/unit(s)
$75 Pool/Spa

$150 MOLD visual inspection, with IR scan for moisture intrusion
$100/sample MOLD inspection, (lab results emailed or faxed)
$350, 3 sample package including IR scan (minimum required samples for lab analysis)

$175/sample Well water, pump system.

$125/sample Asbestos

$150/sample Lead

Laboratory services costs also include overnight shipping to the Lab.

All inspections include; Full property report including property/findings photography and recommendations, agent condensed versions ( includes all findings and photos).

All properties are unique. The fees quoted above are guidelines. Please call for a specific quote on property based upon your needs. There can be several factors affecting the time needed and cost of a through inspection. Such as size, age, type of construction and access to systems. The basic “rule of thumb on age/condition cost is; “If it was built before the Beatles, it’s an extra $50. If it was built before WWII, it will cost an additional $100 (and that is decidedly low considering how much more involved most vintage homes are)”. I will always do the most complete job possible under every circumstance. I will not hurry through your home and do just enough. I will do all I can and give you options in dealing with the findings. I want you to have your home, know what it is and be happy with it for years to come, and next time you’ll want no one but me back in your corner.

Equestrian and Rural facilities have special needs, and will be treated as a separate report item. Modest facilities will be included in the standard property report. More extensive horse care and rural property will be billed on an individual basis, upon mutual agreement and client needs.

Travel cost
The cost of transport has become pretty significant. I do a lot of different things so sometimes people want me to travel a distance. If it’s in the general area around Portland, There is no travel charge. If it’s over 50 miles (round trip) I charge $0.50/mile expense and $45/hour compensation.

I will accept cash, credit cards (over the phone or on site MC/Visa), check or money order (Maybe even chickens). I do expect payment when the inspection is conducted.