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PropertyExam real estate property inspection services are available for residential homes and commercial properties alike. In both sectors, Radon Testing services are also available. Infrared Thermal Imaging can be used during these inspections to identify energy deficiencies, poor insulation, and ventilation issues. Energy efficiency audits, EnergyStar audits, and renovation inspection services are also available through PropertyExam inspectors. We are proud to be a part of the Move-In Certified and Energy Star Audit programs. Contact us today to learn more about our home inspection services, our service area (Portland, Oregon), potential pollutants like radon gas or just to get a quote on our services by calling 503-679-7184.

Residential Home Inspection

Propertyexam now offers on site electronic RADON testing! This gives you the option of having Radon testing completed at the same time as your home inspection, putting the results in your inspection report and having all your answers on the same page, same day!

Commercial Inspection

Every Commercial property is unique with different needs and characteristics. Dependent upon the particular needs of the client and property involved, a scope of work will be written to address each particular inspection. 

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging, using a high resolution Infrared Camera is a technologically advanced, non destructive diagnostic service. It is unparalleled as a diagnostic tool for non destructive assessment in a wide range of applications.

Training for Realtors

Propertyexam is a certified education provider for realtor training in Oregon. I’ve offered several classes for quite some time. However in the past, I had to go through a title company or some other entity.

Energy Star Audits

PropertyExam corp. offers a wide range of energy conservation, analysis, consultation, training services and opportunities. We perform full energy audits and analysis on commercial and residential buildings.

Renovation Services

PropertyExam also offers renovation, construction, and maintenance consulting services. The following images are from a 1885 Victorian house completely renovated by the owner of PropertyExam, Scott Harris.


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