EnergyScan & Blower Test

Let us help you go green with thermal imaging!

Going Green seems to be the “buzz word” today, but what does that have to do with Thermal Imaging? Actually, it has a lot to do with it! Buildings in the U.S. alone account for 39% of U.S. Energy Consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy attributes heating and cooling costs as 40-60% of that bill and an inefficient home simply causes the heating and cooling systems to work harder. In fact, one-third of all heat loss in a building is due to air leakage. Thermal imaging allows us to see what our eyes cannot (air infiltration, duct leakage, plumbing leaks, roof leaks etc.) you can’t help but see where all that wasted energy is going.

A basic IR heat loss survey is $299 and can identify even the smallest of leaks in a buildings envelope or seals.

Scott Harris, the chief inspector of PropertyExam is a FLIR trained Level II Thermographer. This is a very high level of expertise to be applied to Thermal Imaging and Building Science to assure the best job possible. Please visit the website at: for more information about this cutting edge technology. A complete 12 page abstract on the “Green” application of this exciting technology is available on this download page and there as well. It is well worth the read.