Floating Home Inspections

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Floating Home Inspections

Scott has a unique skill set and perspective for the inspection and assessment of floating homes and floating homes communities.

My experience as a Marine Engineer, designing, operating and maintaining ships is unique in this area. I have extensive shipyard and drydock restoration experience. Because of this, a lot of the floating home inspections come my way and that builds upon this experience. Every time I inspect a floating home, I am returned to the water, where I have always felt at home. My general happiness in working in this environment helps me do a better job. I really do want to be there, inspecting this home for you, helping you to know what you’re getting in to.

A floating home really is like a ship in many ways. The environment of being on the water is harsher and requires more diligent maintenance than a similar home on land. If maintenance is deferred, it can be more invasive and costly. PropertyExam is particularly diligent in digging deep into deferred maintenance issues. Moisture intrusion or entrapped moisture can be a much bigger issue when on the water. We will do a complete Infrared scan for moisture intrusion on every floating home to insure these problems are identified if present. If any moisture issues are found, they will be properly diagnosed, and service recommendations will be made.


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