This is Propertyexam’s, Property Condition and Maintenance Podcast Series. This series looks at building construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation. The podcasts are brought to you by FLIR infrared cameras and diagnostic equipment.  Scott Harris is the host of the series. Each Podcast will feature a subject matter expert/guest. Topics will cover a wide range of topics that apply to both residential and Commercial Real Estate Operation, Renovation, Maintenance and Value issues. There are aspects of these things that are constantly changing in today’s market.  We have new technologies such as infrared that allow for non-destructive analysis of electrical distribution systems that simply did not exist previously. Some of the problems property owner and management people face are cost-benefit and liability aspect for recommended upgrades and repairs. We will try to address these issues and provide practical advice that can be implemented. Check in for new Podcasts every month.

Mold Testing and Remediation
This podcast show explains the real hazards of mold contamination. We explain mold testing and recommendations for when and how that testing would be recommended. The need for and types of remediation are reviewed and explained. Scott attempts to demystify aspects of mold contamination and provide tools for informed decisions in dealing with mold problems indoors.

The Floating Home Show
Learn about living on, buying, and maintenance issues on Floating homes.

Commercial Property Inspections with Steve Mack
Commercial Property Inspections for buyers and investors. A conversation with Steve Mack, longtime commercial Realtor. This show, delves into the difference between a genuinely professional commercial property inspection and those conducted by less experienced, residential inspectors or limited tradesmen. How this process can be of benefit to all parties and make transactions close better with fewer problems.

Energy Efficiency vs. Conservation, different perspectives
This podcast looks at the 2 pillars of energy use and reduction of costs. These 2 different perspectives are often misunderstood. It often seems that Energy conservationists beat the drum so hard about new equipment and upgrades, changes in use or operation have been overlooked or devalued. Scott tries to make the importance of each more clear and demystify the importance of each. This will empower property owners to make more comprehensive decisions about energy savings.

Commercial Roofing maintenance, repair, replacement and analysis
This audio podcast delves into several aspects of commercial roofing. We talk about capital expenditure budgeting, repair/replacement needs. Different systems of management are discussed. Different methods of Roof Condition Analysis are considered with a focus upon Infrared Analysis of flat roofing. On this show Scott interviews Josh Sharp with the Garland Company.

Renovation Mortgages
This podcast explains the basics of the FHA 203K and conventional Homestyle Renovation Mortgage programs. These programs allow a home buyer or owner to purchase or refinance a home with a mortgage that includes funds for renovation. Scott explains the ins/outs/ process and benefits of these programs to “demystify” their seeming complexity. This show should be of great interest to anyone interested in buying a home, who owns a home who might want to finance a renovation or addition and to real estate agents.

Adventures in BS (Building Science) Thermography
Scott talks about his experiences using Infrared Thermography, how it can be used in different construction and real estate situations and by different businesses. This show is specifically directed at anyone using or considering the use of Infrared as a tool in property maintenance and renovation.

Home Inspections, Energy Surveys & IR
On this show, Scott talks to Kirk Hansen a local Realtor about the use of Infrared Thermography in residential home inspections and energy surveys.

Electrical I, with Squires Electric
This show Scott talks with Joe Squires electrician. They discuss antiquated wiring and electrical panels in residential and commercial property.