Top 10 Energy Saving Tips
There are so many good reasons to make an effort to conserve energy at home. Being energy conscious is great for you, the economy and the environment, and thereby enhances your quality of life. While the concept sounds like it could be expensive or inconvenient, these 10 tips show you that you don’t have to live by candlelight to be energy efficient. Everything on this list is a small adjustment you can start doing today to make a big difference in the future.

10. Shade Your Home

Shady Home

Go back to basics and get gardening, because careful planting of trees and vines can actually help you save a lot of energy and money on cooling costs. A well shaded house should be your first line of defense against the sweltering heat of summer.

9. Take Care OF Your Air Conditioner.
Air Conditioner

Dirty air conditioner filters restrict airflow, which causes the coil in the machine to freeze up, which increases the unit’s use of energy. Replacing the filters once a month and regular unit maintenance ensures that the air conditioner is running at maximum efficiency. This will save energy in the long run.

8. Install Low Flow Showerheads

For maximum water efficiency, but minimum water usage, install low flow showerheads in your bathroom. Ideally, your showerhead should have a flow rate of about 2.5 gpm. Changing your showerhead to something will a low flow rate can actually lower your water usage by 25-60% and dramatically reduce the price of your water bill.

7. Set Your Dishwasher to Economy Mode

Switching over to Economy from your standard wash mode will help you use less electricity and water, and your dishes will still be clean.

6. Sort Your laundryLaundry room
While it can be a little time-consuming, sorting your laundry into heavy and light fabrics can help shorten your drying time. Better yet, air dry your light fabrics if possible. This will increase their longevity and decrease your energy costs.

5. Fix Those Leaks

Whether it’s faucets that are leaking hot water or windows that are letting the hot air into your house, one of the best ways to conserve energy in your home is to put a stop to any kind of leak. Have a plumber check your pipes and caulk seal all your windows and doors.

4. Unplug That Second Fridge
garage fridge

Even though a second fridge in your garage is a great way to keep your drinks cool in the summer, it can add an extra 10-25% to your electricity bill every month. Unplug it or recycle it altogether for even more energy efficiency.
3. Unplug Your Battery Charger
laptop charger

If your laptop or phone is finished charging, unplug your charger. This is because the charger still uses energy, even if it’s not being used.
2. Turn off Your Lights
light switch

This one of the simplest and easiest ways to save energy. Just turn off the light if you’re not in that room, and make sure that all the lights are off if you leave the house. For outside lighting, switch to motion sensitive lights

1. Replace Your Most Used Appliances With Energy Star Rated Products.

CFL Light

Switching your lamps to energy saving bulbs and replacing your old refrigerator with something new might seem expensive, but it really does help you save energy. If every American did so, we could save over $8 billion a year in energy costs.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to start living greener for a better tomorrow.