If you’re in the process of buying a house, you’re probably going to be getting a home inspection at some point. There are a number of key things the inspector has to pay attention to when going over the property. Sometimes during an inspection, critical things can get missed. Here are 3 important, yet occasionally overlooked issues when getting a home inspected.

Roof Problems

The roof is an integral part to pay attention to when hiring any Portland home inspection services. It’s a big piece of the house and it provides a lot of protection. Any overlooked issues today can be expensive costs down the road. Signs of damage or neglect on a roof, even if small at first, can quickly turn into major problems.

Depending on the type of weather in the area and how well maintained the seller kept the roof, it could be prone to some minor or major issues. Aside from looking for indicators of an older or poorly maintained roof, ask the seller for any records of upkeep they’ve kept.

A major problem with a roof is signs of leaking. It’s not always easy to detect this during the dry season, but make sure to have the condition of the roof checked as this can indicate any potential for leaks or rot underneath.

Common signs to be cautious of are overhanging tree limbs too close to the roof. These branches could potentially rub against the shingles and loosen or dismantle them. Any small openings in the roof won’t only allow moisture in, but can also attract critters. Raccoons looking for a way into the attic can be hazardous to the rooftop by exploiting even the smallest weaknesses and turning them into bigger problems, overnight.

Another factor to take into account is they type of weather the roof is often exposed to. If the house is located in a place that gets cold in the winter, ice and snow melt can make it’s way under the shingles. Once the water re-freezes, it causes expansion underneath, loosening and eventually detaching them. Broken or clogged gutters can cause other elemental problems, as they can create pooling water during rainy months, letting moisture seep into the roof and rotting the wood underneath.

Another potential roof problem that’s sometimes overlooked is the attic temperature. If the attic is poorly insulated, it can get too hot during the summer months, provoking the roof’s outer layer of protection to dry and crack from the inside, rendering it less effective.

Siding and Windows

Siding is an important factor to have thoroughly inspected, as siding is expensive to replace. Look out for peeling paint and rotting wood. The exterior paint is a protecting layer for the house’s siding. Any peeling or cracking paint will expose the house to moisture, allowing it seep in and potentially cause siding to rot. Moisture can travel and affect a lot more areas than what’s visible, so keep a vigilant eye on old paint jobs.

Improperly installed or older windows are sometimes only minor issues at first, but can turn into big ones in the future. Over time, the sealing around windows will fail, causing air and moisture to leak in. This can create a poorly insulated home with rising energy costs. Condensation can also become an issue over time as water runs off the windows and damages wood surfaces. It’s important to have these checked thoroughly when having any Portland home inspection services done.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Making sure both these systems are working properly is important. Issues with these can be commonly missed depending on what time of year it gets looked at, as the inspector may not run the heating in the summer or the A/C in the winter.

Not only are these systems expensive to replace, but an inefficient heating or AC system can be very costly on your monthly bills. A noticeable indicator of problems with these systems are unevenly distributed temperatures throughout the house, such as some rooms being warmer or colder than others. There can even be potential health problems with heating or cooling systems. If there is mold around the system, it could be cranking hazardous spores into the air of the house.

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