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Mold Testing and Remediation

This podcast show explains the real hazards of mold contamination. We explain mold testing and recommendations for when and how that testing would be recommended. The need for and types of remediation are reviewed and explained. Scott attempts to demystify aspects of...

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Commercial Property Inspections with Steve Mack

Commercial Property Inspections for buyers and investors. A conversation with Steve Mack, longtime commercial Realtor. This show, delves into the difference between a genuinely professional commercial property inspection and those conducted by less experienced,...

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Energy Efficiency vs. Conservation, different perspectives

This podcast looks at the 2 pillars of energy use and reduction of costs. These 2 different perspectives are often misunderstood. It often seems that Energy conservationists beat the drum so hard about new equipment and upgrades, changes in use or operation have been...

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Renovation Mortgages

This podcast explains the basics of the FHA 203K and conventional Homestyle Renovation Mortgage programs. These programs allow a home buyer or owner to purchase or refinance a home with a mortgage that includes funds for renovation. Scott explains the ins/outs/...

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Adventures in BS (Building Science) Thermography

Scott talks about his experiences using Infrared Thermography, how it can be used in different construction and real estate situations and by different businesses. This show is specifically directed at anyone using or considering the use of Infrared as a tool in...

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Hiring a Home Inspector

Home ownership can be very expensive, particularly when the house is aging and repairs need to be carried out. A small and simple defect can escalate into a major issue in a relatively short period, resulting in repair bills running into the thousands.   But it...

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