Property Inspection Services



This is Propertyexam’s, Property Condition and Maintenance Podcast Series. This series looks at building construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation. The podcasts are brought to you by FLIR infrared cameras and diagnostic equipment.  Scott Harris is the host of the series. Each Podcast will feature a subject matter expert/guest. Topics will cover a wide range of topics that apply to both residential and Commercial Real Estate Operation, Renovation, Maintenance and Value issues. There are aspects of these things that are constantly changing in today’s market.  We have new technologies such as infrared that allow for non-destructive analysis of electrical distribution systems that simply did not exist previously. Some of the problems property owner and management people face are cost-benefit and liability aspect for recommended upgrades and repairs. We will try to address these issues and provide practical advice that can be implemented. Check in for new Podcasts every month.

January 2018